Machine Vision & Imaging Systems

With today’s trend of process automation, machine vision and imaging systems are becoming very important. These systems use a lightning source and an imaging detector (e.g., CCD array) in order to monitor a particular process. Light sources like laser diodes or LEDs have been commonly used up to now. However, when higher speed and more precision are required, the strong coherence and related speckle noise of laser diodes or the non- ideal emission angle and the lower output power of LEDs become a major drawback. The latest generation systems are therefore using SLEDs to overcome these drawbacks. 

For machine vision or imaging systems, EXALOS is offering free-space SLED modules, either cost- effective uncooled TO56 cans or cooled TO8 cans, for example SLEDs at 650 nm (EXS210030 and EXS210035, [2]), at 750 nm (EXS7505, [2]) or at 790 nm (EXS210067, [2]).