Today distance and angle measurements are used not only in construction and positioning applications. In fact, these measurements are performed in various other fields, such as automotive and aerospace, for all kinds of applications including prototyping, reverse engineering or tooling inspection. A key component in all metrology-related systems is the light source. Historically, a laser was used as a light source, however recently more and more systems have changed to SLEDs instead. Having the same high spatial coherence as a laser, it is primarily the low temporal coherence of SLEDs that alleviates or removes detrimental interference effects from reflections. EXALOS offers cost-effective uncooled and free-space SLEDs in the visible and near- infrared wavelength range for this kind of application, for example SLEDs at 650 nm (EXS210030 and EXS210035, [2]), at 750 nm (EXS7505, [2]) or at 790 nm (EXS210067, [2]).