Optical Component Testing

Component testing equipment can benefit from EXALOS’ SLEDs that provide the advantage of stable power and stable center wavelengths over time. The SLEDs allow fast optical performance measurements over a wide spectrum of wavelengths (650 to 1700 nm), without the need of expensive tunable lasers. The SLEDs can be used for fiber optic test equipment that enable the measurement of spectral insertion losses and transmission characteristics for Passive Optical Network (PON) components, CWDM or WDM components, fiber Bragg gratings, optical attenuators, photonic switches, broadband couplers, multiplexers, isolators, circulators, hybrid components and depolarizers. For optical component testing, EXALOS offers a broad variety of high-power and broadband SLEDs in the wavelength range from 1250 to 1650 nm [2], either as optical modules or as an assembly with a ultra-low-noise and ultra-stable driver board (EBD, [3]). Furthermore, EXALOS is offering custom OEM solutions or turn-key benchtop instruments (EBS, [6]) of combined broadband sources that are tailored to customer-specific needs, for example with integrated optical filters or optical depolarizers. SLED, Broadband Light Sources