EXALOS focuses on the design, development, manufacturing and sales of high-performance semiconductor-based broadband light sources, in particular Superluminescent Light Emitting Diodes (SLEDs) and Swept Sources. EXALOS is the leading supplier of SLED modules in various form factors at wavelengths ranging from 400 nm to 1700 nm. EXALOS has shipped more than 500,000 SLEDs since 2003.  SLEDs combine the best features of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and semiconductor laser diodes (LDs). SLEDs provide a light output with a broadband optical spectrum and low temporal coherence typically seen in LEDs in combination with output powers and high spatial coherence typically seen in LDs. This makes SLEDs the preferred optical broadband source for various applications .  EXALOS is also your partner for custom OEM solutions where SLEDs are combined with electronic or optical peripherals like Driver Electronics or various optical fiber components. For research and development environments EXALOS is offering Benchtop Instruments that can be configured with any SLED for customized broadband light sources. Using our unique automated hybrid optical packaging platform, EXALOS is fabricating advanced optical light sources such as broadband-tunable lasers and Swept Sources. Those are offered either as benchtop units or as OEM units for systems integration. For OCT or other applications, EXALOS is offering ultra-low-noise Balanced Receivers or real-time OCT Engines as well.