Head Up displays for the next generation of automotive in cabin user experiences

AR – Augmented Reality – taken straight from science fiction worlds will be the creative engine of our time.
Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality are the perfect solution for Automotive Head-Up displays, filling the front window with smart information for safe and intelligent driving experiences.

To support this dream, EXALOS has created a revolutionary new kind of energy-efficient, low-speckle, compact light sources. The VISIIIBLESRGB provide all RGB colors: Red, Blue and Green – a worldwide unique solution!

The RGB triumvirate can be used to form a full-colour display for wearable, energy-efficient Augmented & Mixed Reality products, including head-up displays (HUD), pico-projection applications, illuminating digital mirror displays (DMD), micro electro-mechanical mirror (MEMS) beam steering engines or holographic spatial modulators.

There are endless possibilities for exciting und highly useful overlays to the existing world.

A Swiss-made innovation.

Designed & Developed for the next-generation of smart display solutions.

SMART Head-Up displays.

Today´s problem of driver assistance systems, as even entry-level cars get cluttered with huge touch screens and OLED displays:

The driver has to turn his head and eyes away from the real world, distracting his attention, while his high-speed vehicle moves hundreds of meters.

Overlaying immersive UI information screens with minimum attention grabbing will be the future. Windows and projection screens will merge.

Full-size HUDs with assistance projection.

The next big revolution in the car industry is just around the corner. Network- and AI-powered Augmented Reality will be a vital part of every car.

5G and AI powered information overlays will change the complex interaction between self or remote driving humans and information, including: 

  • Top-view vicinity display with smart distance view.
  • AI-powered threat estimation.
  • Direct integration of destination guides into the front view.
  • Virtual mirrors will move inside the eye range.
  • Increased night vision.
  • Or watching a full-screen movie on autopilot?
Avoiding accidents with intelligent vicinity mapping. Especially in the darkness. Next level information projection provides not only security, but also reduces stress and awareness load. The next generation of In Cabin driving experience: get, use and rely on smart information.
HUD element control via face recognition and eye tracking, e. g. virtual mirror zooming on eye contact, answering to phone calls, location finder …

It does not need a bulky and weighty million dollar helmet to control a car´s cockpit … it is done, by simply utilizing the huge windscreen space as next generation HUD.

VISIIIBLESRGB – A Technology Footprint Solution for the advanced in cabin user experiences.