Broadband Light Sources


Broadband Light Sources


EXALOS provides highly customizable benchtop instruments in various form factors for research, development, production and testing environments. Our benchtop instruments can be configured with up to eight SLEDs for ultra-broadband light sources.

Our Broadband Light Sources can either have individual optical outputs for each SLED or can be configured to have one common output where the spectra of the individual SLEDs are combined. In the long-wavelength range EXALOS can offer an ultra-broadband 350-nm light source from 1270 to 1620 nm with more than 40 mW of optical output power.

In the short-wavelength range EXALOS can offer an ultra-broadband 170-nm light source from 750 to 920 nm.

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  • Ultra-High Resolution Optical Coherence Tomography
  • Bio-medical imaging
  • Multi-Channel Fiber Bragg Grating Interrogation
  • Passive component testing
  • Spectroscopy
  • Fiber Sensor Interrogation

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A compact turn-key system. The electro-optical performance depends on the product code.

Optical output might be realized either with a single-mode fiber or with a polarization maintaining fiber, depending on the chosen SLED module.

The EBS30 and EBS40 series provide remote control through electrical analog and digital control signals and modulation capabilities up to 50 Hz. Optionally a low degree of polarization (DOP) can be achieved using fiber depolarizers. Furthermore, spectral shaping through custom optical bandpass filters can be realized.
The EBS is designed for ultra-high resolution Optical Coherence Tomography.
3D OCT cross-section of the macular hole of a human retina, recorded with an 840-nm broadband SLED EXS210022 and a high-resolution spectrometer (courtesy of Prof. Rainer A. Leitgeb, Center of Biomedical Engineering and Physics, Medical University of Vienna).
  • Turn-key system
  • Ultra-large optical bandwidth; very short coherence length
  • Remote power control through an analog input voltage
  • High optical output power
  • Modulation up to 50 Hz
  • Low Degree of Polarization – optional


Use the table filters to narrow and select specifications.
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Center wavelength

3dB bandwidth

10dB bandwidth

Output power

Coherence length
(um HWHM)

Part number
User Manual

405 3 6 0.5 21 EBS300011-02
650 6 12 3 30 EBS300035-02
830 160 190 9 2.4 EBS400010-02
845 140 160 9 2.9 EBS300080-02
865 105 125 9 4.1 EBS300002-03
1030 180 200 5 3.3 EBS300033-03
1040 175 200 15 3.6 EBS400033-02
1070 100 120 20 6.5 EBS300034-04
1270 140 170 20 6 EBS300059-02
1280 145 185 15 6 EBS300045-02
1315 120 150 25 8 EBS300040-02
1325 100 150 20 9.1 EBS300047-03
1450 320 380 7 3.3 EBS300058-02
1460 320 360 40 3.1 EBS400005-02
1570 110 140 20 12 EBS300006-03

In addition to our listed standard products, EXALOS provides custom devices.

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