Combined SLED Modules (EXC)

Combined SLED Modules (EXC)

The EXALOS combined-SLED modules are high-performance fiber-coupled light sources based on superluminescent light emitting diodes (SLEDs).

For the first time, a combination of two or three SLEDs are integrated into a standard 14-pin butterfly package. All beams are combined with free-space optics, aligned in polarization, and coupled into a single-mode output fiber using high-precision alignment technology.

The combi-SLED products are highly customizable and meet highest performance demands. At the same time, the system integration is easy thanks to the standard package and fiber output. EXALOS is also offering drive electronics to provide ultra-stable SLED current operation, temperature control and monitor signal output.

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  • Compact 14-pin Optical Module
  • Ultra-broad optical spectrum
  • High output power
  • Ultra-low noise (RIN)
  • Multiple spectral ranges
  • Polarization aligned
  • Compact OEM device with drive electronics available


  • Optical Coherence Tomography
  • Biomedical Imaging
  • Fiber Sensor Interrogation
  • Component Testing
  • Spectroscopy

Our product specifications can be accessed from the links in the table below.

The combi-SLED module EXC250002 offers a 10-dB bandwidth of ~160 nm at a center wavelength near 845 nm with ~11 mW of optical output power and a coherence length of ~3.0 μm (in air).

The combi-SLED EXS250003 offers a lower 10-dB bandwidth of ~120 nm with a coherence length of ~4.3 μm (in air). Other combi-SLED modules can be realized upon request. EXALOS can offer SLEDs (or LDs) over a wide spectral range from the near-UV (390 nm) to the near-IR (1700 nm).

Open Combi-SLED module with 3 SLEDs (140 nm FWHM).
Combi-SLED module on OEM driver board EBD10200.


* The products are still under development. Specifications are preliminary.

Combi-SLED modules with driver board
  • EBD290002-01 = EXC250002 BTF module on EBD10200 board
  • EBD290003-01 = EXC250003 BTF module on EBD10200 board
Combi-SLED BTF-14 modules
Combined Wavelength

Center Wavelength

Total Power ex-fiber

Bandwidth at 3dB

Bandwidth at 10dB

Current typ.

Part number

Download Specifications
EBD10200 Driver Board EBD10200_ProSpec  
SLED 1: 800
SLED 2: 840
SLED 3: 880
845 10 135 160 110/120/180 EXC250002-00
SLED A: 880
SLED B: 840
845 8 100 120 180/110 EXC250003-00

Measurements: Combined SLED module EXC250002-00 (left) and EXC250003-00 (right)

a) Measured ASE spectra of combined sources
b) Calculated coherence function on logarithmic vertical scale (wide-range)
c) Calculated coherence function on linear vertical scale near zero OPD

In addition to our listed standard products, EXALOS provides custom devices.

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