Combined SLED Modules (EXC)

Combined SLED Modules (EXC)

The EXALOS combined-SLED modules are high-performance fiber-coupled light sources based on superluminescent light emitting diodes (SLEDs).

For the first time, multiple SLED chips are integrated into a standard 14-pin Butterfly package to provide an ultra-wideband optical spectrum.
All beams are combined with free-space optics, aligned in polarization, and coupled into a single-mode output fiber using high-precision alignment technology.

The Combi-SLEDs can be customized to meet the highest performance demands. At the same time, the system integration is easy thanks to the Combi-SLEDs being offered in a standard 14-pin Butterfly package with fiber output. EXALOS is also offering a Driver Board (EBD10200) that provides ultra-stable performance from any of our Combi-SLEDs mounted on this board.

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  • Compact 14-pin Optical Module
  • Ultra-broad optical spectrum
  • High output power
  • Ultra-low noise (RIN)
  • Multiple spectral ranges
  • Polarization aligned
  • Compact OEM device with drive electronics available


  • Optical Coherence Tomography
  • Biomedical Imaging
  • Fiber Sensor Interrogation
  • Component Testing
  • Spectroscopy

Our product specifications can be accessed from the links in the table below.

Open Combi-SLED module with 3 SLEDs (140 nm FWHM).
Combi-SLED module on OEM driver board EBD10200.


In addition to our listed standard products, EXALOS provides custom devices.

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