April 29, 2021

EXALOS Introduces RGB Fiber-coupled SLED Modules for the Development of Near-to-Eye Displays

Schlieren, Switzerland, April 26th, 2021. EXALOS, the world’s leading developer of visible Superluminescent Light Emitting Diodes (SLEDs), has introduced new compact RGB fiber-coupled SLED modules to enable the advancement of near-to-eye displays used in augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) systems.

The RGB modules comprise three SLED chips housed in a 14-pin butterfly package (30.0 mm x 13.7 mm x 8.2 mm) with either single-mode or polarization-maintaining fiber output and total optical power levels of up to 15 mW (~ 5 mW/color, see typical performance below). The individual chips (635 nm (R), 510 nm (G), and 450 nm (B)) are each soldered on submounts and mounted on a ceramic base plate that is temperature stabilized by a thermo-electric cooler to provide exceptional power and wavelength stability over a wide ambient temperature range.


14-pin BTF RGB fiber-coupled SLED module
Typical performance of RGB SLED module with single mode or PM fiber output
14pin BTF open module mounted on 3-channel driver board


SLEDs have attracted a lot of attention as ideal sources for smartglasses designs based on laser beam scanning, especially with waveguide architectures. They are considered “speckle-free lasers” providing the perfect combination of high spatial coherence and low temporal coherence based upon the spectral bandwidth, FWHM, of 4-8 nm. The high directionality and low divergence ensure near diffraction- limited spot sizes for efficient coupling into waveguides. In contrast, the broad bandwidth results in short coherence lengths of 20-30 μm, which dramatically reduces coherent artifacts in waveguide devices from multi-path interferences or speckle noise in image projection. These same coherence parameters also make SLEDs excellent candidates as light engines for near-to-eye computer-generated holographic displays, which are capable of reconstructing three-dimensional images.

Dr. Christian Velez, CEO of EXALOS, commented, “There has been tremendous interest in our SLEDs as illumination sources for near-to-eye displays since we realized the first set of RGB chips. While we have made substantial progress in improving the wall plug efficiency of these devices, there is still work to do to achieve the required power budget for smart glasses designs. By offering these fiber-coupled RGB module developer kits, we are enabling our customers to test out their optical components and architectures as we continue to make progress on our SLED development roadmap.”

The new fiber-coupled RGB SLED modules provide the perfect white light source for advancing different smart glasses waveguide designs and ensuring uniform illumination of spatial light modulators in computational near-to-eye display set ups. The modules are available as developer kits with compact 3-channel drive electronics controllable through a USB interface and fast digital on-off modulation up to 5 kHz for different imaging conditions.

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A new milestone on the way to Green light sources for HUD, Augmented and Mixed Reality applications!

A new milestone on the way to Green light sources for HUD, Augmented and Mixed Reality applications!

May 26., 2023: In an AIP article, EXALOS researchers demonstrate new state-of-the-art technology for superluminescent light emitting diodes emitting in the green spectral range with InAlN n-type claddings. Compared to conventional AlGaN cladding based devices, the electro-optical performance, optical confinement, and modal substrate leakage are greatly improved.

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