April 27, 2022

EXALOS joins LaSAR Alliance for Augmented Reality Wearable Devices

Schlieren, Switzerland, April, 20, 2022 — EXALOS, the world’s leading developer of visible Superluminescent Light Emitting Diodes (SLEDs) and highly customized semiconductor light sources, announces that it has joined the recently formed LaSAR (Laser Scanning for Augmented Reality) Alliance, an international federation of leading industry groups and consortia dedicated to the advancement of augmented reality (AR) eyewear applications.
EXALOS has a long and distinguished history in the development of specialized commercial semiconductor light sources, with output wavelengths ranging from 400 to 1600 nm. In particular, the VISIIIBLES group has focused on perfecting unique red, green and blue (RGB) devices for various nearto-eye display architectures. While much of the effort has been geared to the development of RGB
SLEDs, or so-called “speckle-free lasers”, the team has also worked closely with strategic partners to advance designs in support of specific head-mounted platforms and smart glasses. The custom developments range from laser diodes (LDs) with high wall-plug efficiencies to devices with multiple output beams (chips with multi-ridge emitters) to fully packaged RGB micro-modules. These are the capabilities that EXALOS hopes to bring to the alliance members and interested parties.

The miniaturized open RGB LD/SLED combi module: 4.4×4.15 mm. Height: 2.9 mm. 0.3 g.

Dr. Christian Velez, CEO of EXALOS, remarked, “We have been working on light source development for AR displays for over five years and it is clear that laser beam scanning (LBS) architectures offer one of the best solutions for a compact design to address the nascent consumer smart glasses market.
We are excited about the forum and potential partner connections provided by LaSAR”. He continued, “With our agile company structure and the ability to customize RGB devices both at the chip and advanced packaging level, we believe we provide complementary capabilities to the alliance and can
significantly accelerate potential customer roadmaps.”
Dr. Bharath Rajagopalan, Chair of the LaSAR Alliance and Director, Strategic Marketing at STMicroelectronics adds “LaSAR is thrilled to welcome EXALOS to the Alliance and looks forward to their contributions. We are excited to continue to build a solid foundation on which we can all drive the growth of augmented reality wearable devices through laser beam scanning solutions.”

The LaSAR Alliance was established to create an ecosystem to enable the efficient design and manufacture of AR wearable devices, including smart glasses and head-mounted displays. The alliance aims to provide an environment where members can exchange and share information, collaborate, and partner to create, build, and grow effective and compelling LBS-based solutions and to help drive the growth of the market for AR wearables, in general. For more information, visit www.LaSARAlliance.org.

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