October 10, 2019

EXALOS launched a special VISIIIBLES RGB website:
Sweeping information about our revolutionary light sources for Head-Mounted and Head-Up displays.

AR – Augmented Reality – taken straight from science fiction worlds will be the creative engine of our time.

Big tech companies around the world are fervently trying to bring products to life, which provide an amazing digital layer to the real world. To support this dream, EXALOS has created a revolutionary new kind of compact, energy-efficient and low-speckle light sources.

The new GaN- and GaAS-based VISIIIBLES RGB provide all RGB colors: Red, Blue and Green – a worldwide unique solution for the upcoming revolution.

EXALOS has now launched a special website with all information about our new breaktrough technology: exalos-vision.com

Information will be VISIIIBLE!