February 29, 2024

EXALOS releases improved Combi-SLED at 740-940 nm for High-Resolution OCT

Schlieren, Switzerland, February 29th, 2024. EXALOS, the world’s leading supplier of Superluminescent Light-Emitting Diodes (SLEDs) for Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and other biomedical imaging applications, is releasing a 740-940nm combined-SLED module with ultra-broad bandwidth, high power and significantly improved spectral flatness. This has been achieved due to the recent development of new broadband SLEDs at 760 nm and 800 nm.

These so-called combi-SLEDs are standard 14pin Butterfly (BTF) modules that integrate four SLED devices at center wavelengths of 760 nm, 800 nm, 840 nm and 880 nm into a compact optical module, which are spectrally combined using high-performance dichroic filters. They deliver a 3dB and 10dB optical bandwidth of 165 nm and 190 nm, respectively, with a typical ex-fiber output power of 15 mW. This ultra-broad optical spectrum corresponds to a coherence length of 2.4 microns in air, which translates to an axial resolution of 1.8 microns in tissue for ultra-high-resolution OCT imaging. The combined optical spectrum has a uniform polarization orientation with an extinction ratio of more than 20 dB, which results in improved imaging performance with high imaging contrast and reliable resolution compared to conventional combined-SLED sources.

The patented combi-SLED architecture is realized using EXLOS’ automated, high-precision, micro-optical assembly platform (HOPP) that has been qualified based on Telcordia and MIL industry standards, meeting highest requirements for shock and vibration, high-temperature operation and long-term reliability.


EXALOS AG, an Indie Semiconductor company, is manufacturing state-of-the-art SLEDs in the visible and near-infrared wavelength range for a broad range of industries, including biomedical imaging, fiber optic gyroscopes, interferometry, machine vision, optical sensors, automotive, test equipment or other demanding applications. EXALOS is offering broadband SLED devices at various wavelengths, ranging from 400 nm to 1700 nm. The company has its headquarters in Schlieren, Switzerland.

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EXALOS Introduces New Ultra-Broadband SLEDs for 1510-1650 nm Coverage

February 16., 2024: EXALOS, the world’s leading manufacturer of Superluminescent Light-Emitting Diodes (SLEDs), has developed a new generation of high-power and ultra-broadband SLEDs with center wavelengths at 1550 nm and 1600 nm, delivering a market-leading power-bandwidth performance to support a wide range of applications, including fiber sensing and fiber component testing covering the well-established fiber-optic communication bands.

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