December 7, 2022

EXALOS Showcases Advanced Light Source Solutions at BioS and Photonics West 2023

EXALOS will present its advanced light sources and broad product portfolio at BioS and Photonics West 2023 in San Francisco.

Please visit us at
SPIE BIOS Expo, 28–29 January 2023 Booth # 8210.

Photonics West January 29 – February 2 2023 Booth 3210.

We will present our latest portfolio of High-Power and Broadband Near-Infrared SLEDs for the complete Near-Infrared (NIR) wavelength range, covering 750 nm to 1600 nm, with a large variety of output power and bandwidth values.

We invite you to learn more about our market-leading broadband light sources for a wide range of advanced applications like OCT, Optical Sensing, Fiber Optic Gyroscopes, Current & Stress Sensors, Aerospace and Defense.

We will also showcase our industry-leading, miniaturized SLEDs and High Performance Lasers for the visible RGB range.

For more information, please email us at moc.s1701924959olaxe1701924959@sela1701924959s1701924959.

Please contact our Sales Team to get more information:


Gene W. Covell
VP of Sales
+1 215 669 4488


Kevin Hsu
Europ. Business Dev. Mgr.
+41 43 444 6584


Huang Huang
Asia Sales Manager
+86 755 8370 2421


indie Semiconductor Acquires EXALOS AG

indie Semiconductor Acquires EXALOS AG

Sep 18., 2023: indie Semiconductor (Nasdaq: INDI), an Autotech solutions innovator, today announced it has entered into a definitive agreement and completed the acquisition of privately held EXALOS AG, a Swiss photonics company, specializing in the design of high-performance optical semiconductors.

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A new milestone on the way to Green light sources for HUD, Augmented and Mixed Reality applications!

A new milestone on the way to Green light sources for HUD, Augmented and Mixed Reality applications!

May 26., 2023: In an AIP article, EXALOS researchers demonstrate new state-of-the-art technology for superluminescent light emitting diodes emitting in the green spectral range with InAlN n-type claddings. Compared to conventional AlGaN cladding based devices, the electro-optical performance, optical confinement, and modal substrate leakage are greatly improved.

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