OCT Engines

The EXALOS swept-source OCT engine (EOE) is an integral system containing a swept source module, an FPGA-based data acquisition card in a commercial PC, and proprietary software that enables real-time OCT signal acquisition and processing at A-scan rates as high as 100 kHz. Because of FPGA-based signal processing, A-scans are generated with a deterministic latency and are streamed continuously to the host PC through a PCI-Express interface, allowing for video-rate B-scan imaging.

The OCT signal processing is based on k-clock signal acquisition, real-time phase unwrapping and an advanced linearization algorithm that achieves high-quality A-scans similar to off-line processing using spline interpolation. Spectral windowing, dispersion compensation and background subtraction are performed in real-time and independently for forward and backward sweep. The display engine performs video-rate (>25 fps) displaying of A-scans (2,048 points per array) and B-scans (1024 A-scans per B-scan). 


• Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
• Bio-medical Imaging
• Industrial Metrology
• Optical Sensing

Sampling rate
A-scan rate
Imaging depth
Part number

250 MSPS 12 bit 40-50 kHz 10 mm EOE380001
500 MSPS 12 bit 100 kHz 8 mm EOE380002